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IEEE,拆除这面墙| EE Times IEEE能否成为无边界世界技术问题的诚实经纪人?

The IEEE received a stern rebuke from its members attending the Design Automation Conference (DAC) this week in Las Vegas. The group's internal critics blasted IEEE for jumping the gun on Huawei sanctions, barring the Chinese firm's engineers and affiliates from serving as editors and peer-reviewers of IEEE research papers.该集团的内部批评爆炸IEEE抨击华为制裁,禁止中国公司的工程师从附属公司担任编辑和同行 - IEEE研究论文的评审员。

Although IEEE earlier this week reversed its decision by lifting the short-lived ban, the damage was done.尽管IEEE本周早些时候通过解除短暂禁令来扭转其决定,但损害已经完成。

China's academic societies first wrote an open letter to the IEEE calling the action “Reviewgate.” Criticism didn't just come from China. IEEE's global members barked at IEEE's rash decision.中国的学术团体首先写了一封致IEEE的公开信,称其为“评论门”。批评并非来自中国.IEEE的全球成员都嘲笑IEEE的轻率决定。

IEEE members, regardless of corporate or academic affiliations, are by nature genuinely global. Those at DAC, when interviewed, complained that IEEE, headquartered in Piscataway, NJ, is “becoming too US-centric.” DAC的受访者在接受采访时抱怨总部设在新泽西州皮斯卡塔韦的IEEE“正在变得以美国为中心。”IEEE成员,无论是企业还是学术关系,都是真正全球化的。

One member wondered aloud: “Doesn't IEEE exist so that the organization can protect us engineers?” The clear implication was that such protection now has borders.一位成员大声问道:“IEEE是否存在,以便组织可以保护我们的工程师?”明确的暗示是这种保护现在已经有了边界。

After blurting that “The IEEE president should have been impeached,” an IBM researcher at DAC said, “Well, I meant, we should elect a new president at IEEE.”在模仿“IEEE总裁应该被弹劾”之后,DAC的一位IBM研究员说:“我的意思是,我们应该在IEEE选出一位新总裁。”

Personally, I find the IEEE's initial action most problematic. The organization not only took the US Commerce Department's word on its “entity list" at face value, but outdid the government's protectionism by deciding that restriction of US exports should be also applied to activities at an independent engineering society.该组织不仅以美国商务部门的“实体名单”来表达,而且还通过决定限制美国出口也应用于活动来超越政府的保护主义。一个独立的工程学会。

But here's the question: Shouldn't engineers apply best practices of “test and verification” before jumping to a conclusion?但问题是:在得出结论之前,工程师是否应该应用“测试和验证”的最佳实践?

It was consultation with the US Department of Commerce, after all, that led IEEE to revoke the initial ban, according to IEEE. If so, why didn't IEEE take a deep breath and ask the government for more details in the first place?据IEEE称,如果与美国商务部进行磋商,那导致IEEE撤销最初的禁令。如果是这样的话,为什么没有让IEEE深吸一口气并首先向政府询问更多细节?

IEEE declined to speak to EE Times and referred us to a statement issued earlier this week, explaining why it did what it did. “Our initial, more restrictive approach was motivated solely by our desire to protect our volunteers and our members from legal risk.” IEEE决定与EE时代进行对话并提及本周早些时候发表的一份声明,解释了为什么它做了它所做的事情。“我们最初的,更加有限的方法是出于我们保护志愿者和我们成员的愿望。 “

While IEEE can spin this political goof as a well-meaning gesture, I don't buy it. Many of the actors escalating a trumped-up trade war into broader social and political problems are people, companies and organizations driven by the manufactured fear, which was fomented by the government. If anything, the “Reviewgate” should teach sober professionals to look before we leap, to listen before we spout off.许多参与者在权衡交易中权衡利弊的社会和政治问题是由制造商驱动的人,公司和组织,而IEEE可以转变这种政治屁股 - 善意的姿态。如果有的话,“Reviewgate”应该教导清醒的专业人士在我们跳跃之前先看一看,然后在我们喷出之前先听听。

Missing panelist 缺少小组成员
This whole fooforaw was unnecessary. The topic of the US-China trade war was never in the DAC program, nor was it ever discussed officially. DAC officials toed the line by striking a wishful tone: “It will work out in the end.”美中贸易战的主题从来没有出现在DAC计划中,也没有被正式讨论过。发展援助委员会的官员打了一个如意的语气:“它最终会成功。”

Nevertheless, the impact of the economic war was palpable at the show. For example, when I moderated a panel of recipients of this year's “Under 40 Innovators Award” at DAC, Yunji Chen, Beijing-based full professor at Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was a no-show.例如,当我在DAC主持了今年的“40岁以下创新者奖”的受众群体时,北京的计算技术研究所的全职教授Yunji Chen,即经济战的影响。中国科学院,没有出席。

The official explanation was that he didn't receive a visa in time. But given his background (he leads the Intelligent Processor Research Center of ICT to develop the Cambricon deep learning processors), he might have chosen to stay, fearful of being halted and interrogated – or worse – at the border.但鉴于他的背景(他领导ICT智能处理器研究中心开发Cambricon深度学习处理器),他已经选择留下来,害怕被迫停止在边境审问 - 或者更糟 -

Earlier this week, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on its official social media feed, wrote: “Recently, US law enforcement agencies have repeatedly harassed Chinese nationals travelling to the US through border interrogations, drop-in visits and various other means.”本周早些时候,中国外交部在其官方社交媒体上写道:“最近,美国执法机构一再骚扰中国公民在美国旅行。边境,边境访问和其他各种手段。

EE Times tried to reach out to Chen via email but received no answer. EE Times试图通过电子邮件联系陈,但没有得到回答。

After the panel was over, I asked my panelists offstage about the IEEE's Reviewgate mess. Everyone was outraged. Robert Wille, professor, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria, had a suggestion: “You know, 'Doctors Without Borders'? What we need is 'Engineers Without Borders.'”每个人都感到愤怒。奥地利林茨约翰内斯开普勒大学教授罗伯特威尔有一个建议:“你知道,'无国界医生'?是'工程师无国界'。“

But what Wille and many others in the engineering community are hoping for is “freedom in engineering and technology development.” Can IEEE be an honest broker in the technology issues in a borderless world?但是Wille和工程界的许多其他人所希望的是“工程和技术开发的自由。”IEEE能否成为无边界世界技术问题的诚实经纪人?

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